- Smooth Forehead, worry lines and creases

- Smooth Glabella frown lines

- Lift Brows

- Eliminate Crow's Feet

- Decrease the appearance of Neck Bands and creases

- Reduce Gummy Smile

- Reduce square Jaw Line and eliminate muscular pain from the effects of Bruxism

- Soften Bunny Lines

- Soften vertical Smoker's Lines/Lipstick Lines

- Smooth dimpling and creases on the Chin

- Reduce the effects of Excessive Sweating (hyperhidrosis)

Anti-wrinkle Injection

One Area

From £140

Two Areas

From £170*

Three Areas

From £190*

Dermal Fillers

First Syringe

From £150

Additional Syringes

At discounted rate*

Lip Augmentation

First Syringe

From £190

Special Offers

Referral Offer

£10 off*


Dermal Fillers

Add volume or enhance and define Lips

Eliminate sagging Lip Corners

Define the Jaw Line

Full Face Lift

Smooth Nasolabial Lines

Smooth Marionette Lines

Add volume to Hollowing Temples

Smooth and reduce Laugh Lines

Lift, contour and define cheeks with Cheek Augmentation

Reduce the appearance and volume to Acne Scars

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